by mkno
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
N 51° 11.688 E 007° 09.131

Do you have what it takes to become a Schaukelmeister (swing master)? Embark on the journey to find this Geocache of the Week, Der Schaukelmeister-Bonus-Multi (GC5R4Z4), to find out! Only the bravest and most adventurous geocachers will accomplish the many tasks required to find this thrilling bonus cache.

The journey to 6) Der Schaukelmeister-Bonus-Multi begins at the first cache in the series, GC4G59B. As you approach GZ, you notice a hanging bridge that connects two trees. High above the bridge, a cache container dangles in the air. You traverse the bridge with great balance and lower the cache container into reach so that you can sign the log. The first cache is complete, but it was only a warm-up for what is to come.

Image by Frabajani.

The second cache is a challenge, but you finally succeed and head up the hill to the third cache, GC4DCXR. You look around GZ for quite some time, puzzled about where the geocache could be hidden. When you finally locate it, you realize that you have found not only the cache container but also the tool necessary to gather numbers needed for the bonus—a swing seat!

Image by GeoTrotti.

You take the swing to a designated location about 150 feet away and attach the swing seat to the rope. You hop onto the wooden platform in front of you, lift your feet, and swing toward the treetops. Up on one of the branches, you see a plaque with numbers. You squint and read the numbers aloud to your companion on the ground. After an additional swing to double-check your work, you are ready for the next stage of the journey.

Image by Frabajani.

You follow the instructions to pick up the next necessary TOTT from a secret hiding spot. This time, it is a seat for a zipline. After completing another task related to the bonus, you proceed to GC4N9R6. You attach the zipline seat, sit down, and glide through the air directly toward the cache. Within seconds, you have reached the platform. You grab onto the netting on the back of the platform and plant your feet. After signing the log, it is time to switch your equipment over to a second zipline route and make your return journey.

Image by 3m1tmag.

After calculating the final waypoint with the numbers you gathered, you walk toward ground zero. The final geocache container is in sight. However, this last task won’t be easy. You notice a crank that operates a pulley system high on a nearby tree truck. In order to reach it, you must walk across a narrow wire. Slowly but surely, you inch across as you cling to the support wire. After several minutes, you arrive at the crank and lower the geocache to ground level. You have earned the title of Schaukelmeister!

Image by Frabajani.

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