by Jandl650
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
N 51° 24.665 E 005° 23.916

Full steam ahead to an adventure!

There are many hobbies out there that go hand in hand with geocaching. Did you know that model trains are one of them? With our Geocache of the Week, Jan’s modelspoor (GC9NJ3Y), you can ride the rails and add a new geocache to your ‘Found it’ list, all in one go!

As cache owner Jandl650 mentions on the cache page, their hobby is model railways. So what better way to combine their love of trains and geocaching than to make a model train geocache?

Image by Laars5.

Follow the instructions on the cache page to a house with a garden in the front. Based on the coordinates and the description, you know that you should be able to find this one without entering the garden. You look around for something that matches the description, and before long, you spot it!

A miniature train tunnel sits on the garden’s edge, with a track extending in front of it. This has to be it! Rather than a model train, however, you see a door blocking the edge of the tunnel, complete with a painted engine and a small knob. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you pull it out to reveal…


A three-car model train, from engine to caboose! As you pull out the train, it continues chugging along the tracks, revealing fun surprises in every car. But one car in particular catches your eye—the one with the geocache, of course!

You signal the conductor (that’s you) to bring the locomotive to a halt so you can make your find. After signing your name along with the many others who have found this cache, be sure to take some pictures and admire the craftsmanship of this a-track-tive find!

Image by Bwater.

As you prepare to leave, you wish for a moment that you had a souvenir of this momentous occasion…

It turns out that you’re in luck, because this cache owner thought of everything! Behind the car containing the logbook, you find a handful of souvenir tickets made just for this purpose.

You grab one and tuck it away for safekeeping, before returning the tiny locomotive to its hiding location where it will await the next passenger.

Image by Me’Laine.

We all share this wonderful hobby of geocaching, which can make for some great experiences. But it’s cache owners like these, who share their passions and creativity with the geocaching community, that make it a ride to remember.

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