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BGT13 – Caching Up on the News — Geocache of the Week

by AngelMay3
Georgia, United States
N 31° 18.108′ W 082° 14.786′

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Turn to page GC3BGRJ to get the latest geocaching scoop on what’s happening via “BGT14 – Caching Up on the news.” Cache owner AngelMay3 has over 650 readers listed in the logbook and over 200 awards in the “Favorite point” category. While showered with accolades for the integrity of the logbook, this cache also has raving reviews from top critics such as:

“Thanks for the wonderful smile! Fave for sure!”
    – wagtag15

“Loved the ingenuity of container reuse. All caught up on the latest caching news now.”
    – cdmurphy74

“This one is in my top 10 favorites. So simple yet so awesome. Swapped trackable‘s.”
  – calrunning

To subscribe to this paper all you need is a pen, a keen eye, and geocaching acumen. The approach is simple, there are a few buildings along the road and one has a row of newspaper stands. The “Caching Today” newspaper stands brightly among its competitors with its yellow exterio

The stand has been known to have geocaching magazines inside and a large ammo can filled with all the SWAG. BGT14 – Caching Up on the news is a classic geocache hidden in plain sight and one of Georgia’s 25 most Favorited caches. Not too bad for a geocache far away from any major metropolitan area.

The cache owners found the old newspaper stand, sanded it, painted it, and customized it to fit their vision. They were inspired by another geocache, but they did not envision rising to the ranks of Georgia’s most Favorited caches.

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