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GIFF Event Inspiration—a look back at 2021

The Geocaching International Film Festival is back and better than ever for its 10th year! With nearly 400 GIFF Events already published, it’s time to decide how your Event will dazzle!

Check out some unforgettable moments from these GIFF 2021 Events that will surely leave you starstruck. Then, gather your glitziest gold decor (2023’s official color) for your red carpet extravaganza!

On the big screen

Whether your Event is outdoors, in a theater, or even in your garage, there are countless ways to ensure your attendees are on the edge of their seats with anticipation!

Image by Gerry :–) at GC8QA9E.
Image by ingunntv at GC9GWCD.
Image by Aeon at GC8EWWG.
Image by DL3BZZ at GC8HJT8.
Logs, logs, logs

Been there, logged that! Get your creative juices flowing and create an autograph-worthy logbook to keep as a souvenir from your Event!

Image by mykey987 at GC9F8XX.
Image by pripluv at GC9HJ1D.
Image by *B’Elanna* at GC8NNV8.
Image by Bogmen at GC9GY31.
Image by kimallus at GC9H5DJ.
Image by McGIL at GC9GYQR.
Image by apoliveira at GC9HJHD.
Image by JuRoot at GC9GNJN.
Image by Titoudu37 at GC8MA1X.
Glamor to the Stars!

Everybody knows the key to a successful Hollywood event is the decor! Consider making official tickets for your Event or breaking out an award ceremony-worthy trophy to add some glamor to the occasion.

Image by KoreoGraphica at GC9HQAZ.
Image by fitimollas at GC9GYF0.
Image by Miki! at GC9GYQR.


Image by FisherCMH at GC9GJGR.
Image by villacher at GC9GYQR.


Image by Legouesfamily at GC9GFDM.
Image by BAWags75 at GC9FD2V.
Image by Smeks at GC9FKNP.
Image by Bogmen at GC9GY31.
Image by GoldDogs at GC8M958.
Image by Ca$hQueen at GC9HJMN.
Image by goofiemumkanoakailer at GC8HM8H.
Popcorn, please!

Who doesn’t love food? Consider setting up a snack bar or organizing a potluck. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Image by pjurys44 at GC9H8R3.
Image by apoliveira at GC9HJHD.
Image by iPajero at GC9HX7K.


Image by Yvesaur at GC9GVA2.


Image by campingfarmer at GC9FD2V.
Image by Breizh Geocacheurs at GC9GPHW.
Image by Forte & Forte at GC9J4YX.


Who wore it best?

It’s the 10th anniversary of GIFF—when’s a better time to break out your best gown? Whether you have all attendees wear the official GIFF color or just a fun costume, it’s sure to make for a memorable Event!

Image by albi.fc at GC8QAEE.
Image by JanaMat at GC9G4JA.
Image by marcocepp at GC8QAEE.
Image by Mildza at GC9J2NV.
Image by Fossil Hunters Miami at GC9HBTQ.
Image by ehatch at GC9HDPA.
And the award goes to…

Okay, so the People’s Choice Award will actually be decided via an online survey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Event vote! Check out some creative ways past Event hosts have tallied the votes.

Image by LBNE at GC9GNH2.
Image by mykey987 at GC9F8XX.
Image by ooti at GC8K07P.

We can’t wait to see what fun things you roll out for your 2023 GIFF Event! Check out the official GIFF website for more information, and remember to tag #geocachingfilmfestival and #GIFF2023 on social media to share the fun!

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