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2023 Geo-Meme Review

Has it really been a whole year? Another year, another review of some of our favorite social ‘meme-ments.’

1. When you meet someone new and they mention geocaching.

2. When you finish the 15-stage Multi-Cache and realize you forgot a pen.

3. Time spent while geocaching, a PiDay Pie Chart.

4. A geocacher’s hardest decision.

5. The geocacher to-do list, a pie chart.

6. When a new geocaching is published in your area.

7. Geocachers’ preferred logging method, a pie chart.

8. When you’ve already found the cache so you get to sit back and watch your friends struggle.

9. There’s Girl Math and Boy Math… but have you heard of Geocacher Math?

10. Would you risk it or come back another day?

11. Did someone say geocache?!

So long to 2023, another year of happy ‘meme’ories. We can’t wait to ring in the new year with more memes!

Source: Geocaching

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