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Get ready for Mega-Events in 2024!

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for Mega-Events. The geocaching community has planned multiple Mega-Events around the world! You can see all the Events in HQ’s List of Upcoming Mega- and Giga-Events (and Block Parties for 2025!). Below we’re listing just a few of the reasons why attending a Mega-Event is a great recipe for geocaching fun.

Build friendships
With hundreds of people who share your hobby at each Event, you’re sure to make new friends and expand your crew for future geocaching outings. Add your new pals from the Mega-Event as friends in the Geocaching® app and you’ll be able to easily stay in touch with them and join leaderboards.

Share passion for your favorite parts of the game
Mega-Events give you a chance to dive into the aspects of geocaching that excite you the most. If you love the game because of creative cache hides, you might be able to attend a workshop about creating gadget caches at a Mega-Event. If you love trackables, you’ll have a chance to discover rare ones and chat with other trackable fans.

Find amazing geocaches
Organizers of Mega-Events often create special Adventures and hide new geocaches for cachers to find near the Event location. The new caches and Adventures near Mega-Events are often special gadget caches or hides that celebrate an Event’s themes in a unique way, and are often the kinds of caches you’ll want to award Favorite points to.

Which Mega-Events might you attend this year? Share in the comments below!

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