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Finding the right cache

Have you ever found yourself on a geocache outing and felt a little in over your head? We’ve all been there, some days your normal geocaching habits of gadget caches or mysteries may just not cut it. For those days, utilizing a few Premium features can help easily tailor your outing to better suit your geocaching skills, goals, and mood! Use these three features to find geocaches that match your skills, capabilities, and caching goals.

  1. Attribute search
    Did you know there are 70 different attributes that can be applied to geocaches? Attributes range from “Wheelchair accessible” to “May require wading,” “Special tool required,” and so much more. With attribute search, you can easily narrow down your search for caches and make sure they have all the characteristics of caches you want to find and none of the ones you want to avoid. Cachers can search for all 70 attributes with Premium search filters on the website and the 29 most popular attributes with Premium search filters in the Geocaching® app.
  1. Searchable D/T grid
    Maybe you’re up for a challenge and want to find a cache with a difficulty and terrain rating of 5/5 or maybe you are looking for a more zen cache outing and don’t want to search for anything beyond 1.5. Either way, the searchable D/T grid on is your friend. With this tool, you can quickly find caches in your area that meet your desired difficulty and terrain ratings. Cachers can find the grid on their Statistics page. Simply click any square on the grid to create a search that shows caches in your area with the specific D/T rating selected.
  2. Lists
    As you search for caches suited to your caching goals, make sure to add them to Lists so you can group them and keep track of them. Once you have your search results, click on the plus (+) symbol in the listing for a cache you want to add to a List. Clicking this symbol opens a menu and from there you can add the cache to an existing list or create a new list and include the cache in it.

How do you like to narrow down your search for caches? Share in the comments below!

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