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Casket 4 – Geocache of the Week

by slycapou
N 29° 57.027′ E 031° 07.745′

Mysterious, fascinating, and perfect for tourists. Are we describing geocaching or the Great Pyramid of Giza? Trick question—the answer is both! One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the awesome series of pyramids known as the Giza pyramid complex, or Giza Necropolis, has come to define our sense of historic and remarkable. While we can’t guarantee you’ll find sarcophagi and buried treasure on your trip to Giza, our Geocache of the Week, Casket 4 (GCYZQE), is sure to bring you a smiley and plenty of adventure!

Our journey at the Pyramids of Giza and quest for GCYZQE begins with your arrival in either Cairo or Giza. Although these cities are separated by the Nile River, the Greater Cairo region has become a sprawling megalopolis, meaning travel between the two is fairly straightforward (granted one can expect big-city traffic).

Image by senninhaN.R.

The Pyramids of Giza attract millions of visitors every year, so transportation to ground zero is the least of your concerns when it comes to GCYZQE. One thing to be aware of, however, is the extreme heat you might experience in the Sahara Desert. Even if you make your trip in the wintertime, be sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen. Although camel and horseback rides aren’t mandatory, it might be worth the few extra dollars to ride in luxury.

Image by scott12j.

Once inside the pyramid complex, it’s time to whip out the Geocaching® mobile app or your GPS device and plug in the posted coordinates. The geocache owner, sylcapou, points out that the best way to approach this cache via automobile is through a southern access road. Horseback riders and pedestrians, however, should approach the cache from the north.

Image by McM_Pt.

Once you’ve made it to GZ, the difficult part is over. You’ve traveled into one of the world’s most inhospitable deserts, and you’re now standing before what are perhaps the most impressive and renowned monuments in the entire world. The beating sun and its reflection off the abundance of sand limits your view, but you’re able to make out three titanic structures in the distance—the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure, and the largest of all, the Pyramid of Khufu, better known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Just out of sight, on the eastern side of the complex, lies the Great Sphinx. While the incalculable labor and time it must’ve taken to complete these monuments is admittedly overwhelming, it’s important to keep your composure as there’s still a task to carry out—securing the find.

Image by _ILLYA_.

Carrying a difficulty rating of 1, the geocache you’re looking for doesn’t pose an impossible challenge—after all, there’s only so many hiding places in a desert. Your innate geo-senses and the posted coordinates should allow you to complete the find. The container is a wooden chest filled with plenty of SWAG and small-size currency from various countries of those who visit, as requested by the cache owner.

The care put into the container itself is alone worthy of a Favorite point, but the glory of the find is amplified by the once-in-a-lifetime view this location has to offer. GCYZQE is a unique cache in a profound spot. With another find in the books, the red Egyptian sun begins to set behind the pyramids and, although the day is now over, you were able to seize the moment and create lasting memories.

Image by McM_Pt.

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