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Creative caches: Underwater geocaches

One of the aspects of geocaching that never fails to impress us is the creativity of the global geocaching community. From planning cleverly themed-Events, to creating thrilling Mystery Caches, and more, geocachers are always enhancing the game with their imaginations and inventive ideas. In the spirit of the Year of the Hide, we’re highlighting the creativity of cache hiders, by calling attention to different genres of creative hides that go beyond the classic tupperware container. Read on and let these creative caches inspire your next hide!

Today, we’re diving into the world of underwater caches. That’s right, when we talk about the whole globe being our game board that includes bodies of water! Finding and logging a cache underwater sounds a little intimidating, but underwater caches vary in difficulty. Check out these four underwater caches and start planning your own underwater endeavor.

1. Łódź podwodna
GC79TBV, D 5/T 5

A scuba diver underwater investigates a sunken shipImage by Patrac.

This Traditional cache is attached to a sunken ship, the Wilhelm, that rests in the bottom of a flooded quarry in Jaworzno, Poland. Geocachers will need SCUBA gear and a waterproof marker or pen to make it to the cache and sign the logbook, which is attached to the container and must remain underwater.

2. Chitek Lake Underwater Cache
GC604FQ, D 5/T 5

Image by I’m Lost.

Chitek Lake Underwater Cache is hidden below the waters of a picturesque lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. To make the find, cachers must snorkel in the lake to retrieve the cache container, bring it back to land to sign the logbook and drop off any SWAG, and then take a quick dive back into the lake to return the container to its hiding spot.

3. Jellyfish Lake – Ongeim’l Tketau
GC11A56, D1.5/T5

A geocacher snorkeling underwater in a sea of jellyfish.Image by Cache Dipper.

To log this EarthCache, geocachers must head to Jellyfish Lake in the island nation of Palau and take GPS readings to estimate the level of water in the lake. Technically, a person doesn’t have to go underwater to log the cache, but take a look at the photo gallery for this cache and you’ll see that almost all finders dive into the lake to swim with the golden jellyfish.

4. Antuuns
GC1XQ4V, D3/T5

Two scuba divers underwater near a fake shark.Image by Antuuns.

The name for this Latvian cache, Antuuns, comes from the name of the fake model shark that hides in the flooded quarry where the cache is. The cache is located close enough to the surface of the water that its possible to freedive to it, but the cache owner explains in the description that SCUBA gear is recommended.

If you’re interested in trying to find an underwater geocache, search for caches on the website or the Geocaching® mobile app and filter for the attributes “Boat required” or “Scuba gear required”.

What’s your favorite category of creative caches? Share in the comments below!

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