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GeoAventure #2 : Level up ! — Geocache of the Week

by qgx
Île-de-France, France
N 48° 50.252 E 002° 18.046

When we think of geocaching, we think of the real-world treasure hunt where caches are found everywhere! But would you press play on this on-screen geocaching adventure?

With our Geocache of the Week, GeoAventure #2 : Level up ! (GC7KCY7), players can experience just that with an interactive geocaching video game!

In the interactive “GeoAventure” series, cache owner qgx takes cachers on a digital adventure to learn how to geocache and even search for geocaches in a digital playing field.

The series begins with GeoAventure #1 : Toute première fois (GC7K4M1). In this adventure, cachers start as a “muggle” who must first review the geocaching basics and ace a 20-question quiz before they start their journey.

Once the player can answer all 20 questions, they are sent into the virtual world to “find” their first geocache!

GeoAventure #2 : Level up ! (GC7KCY7) picks up where GeoAventure #1 leaves off. Now that you are officially a geocacher, your mentor prepares you to find up to 12 caches hidden throughout the virtual village.

Equipped with a virtual GPS device and a strong knowledge of the geocaching basics, you can begin your search for the digital caches!

There are various characters and items that you can interact with as you traverse this pixelated world. Just like the real world, some may assist you, and some may not know what geocaching is.

Complete side-quests to find tools that assist you in your journey. After all, not every cache has a difficulty or terrain rating of 1…

As you find more geocaches, you inevitably gain more skills and geocaching knowledge (sounds pretty similar to real-life geocaching, doesn’t it?). You may even have a few DNF (Did Not Find) logs along the way.

Finally, once you find ten caches, return to your geocaching mentor to claim the grand prize: the coordinates to the final location!

Just because your on-screen journey was a success, doesn’t mean your quest is over just yet! With the final coordinates and your navigation device in hand, it’s time to make your way to the cache. Your mentor provided you with a hint upon your completion of the game, so this final task should be an easy one.

Following the coordinates, you now find yourself back in the real world, on the streets of Paris. As you approach one of the many historic churches in the area, you can feel that you’re getting close. The cache is wheelchair-accessible, with a fantastic view of Parisian city life. You search around for the micro-sized cache and—voila—you finally have it in hand!

Image by Odada.

As you hold the camouflaged film container, you breathe a sigh of relief. Your hero’s journey can finally come to an end.

Before you say “game over,” reflect once more on the great adventure that you just completed. You explored lands, found geocaches in treacherous terrain, and even made a few geocaching friends along the way—all on a screen!

If that doesn’t signify a “level up” in your geocaching game, then we don’t know what does.

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