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Captain Bones Treasure Box — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by Raynebeau
British Virgin Islands
N 18° 25.752 W 064° 26.710

🌋 Fancy a swim next to impossibly large volcanic boulders? 🌋 Look no further than the British Virgin Islands’ most popular destination: The Baths! 💧

Bring your bathing suit and sense of adventure; we’re off to find “Captain Bones Treasure Box” (GC1W36N), our Geocache of the Week!

Image by RayGM.

Located about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands are a well-known destination in the Caribbean for sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Beyond its white sand beaches, the islands offer impressive mountains and geology. On the island of Virgin Gorda, towering rock formations called batholiths dot the beaches. These formations originate when molten magma from the Earth’s core solidifies beneath the crust and forms igneous rock.

Image by Jeepette.

Imagine the moment that you set foot on the white sandy shores of Virgin Gorda. The dazzling sunlight illuminates the beach and reveals the perfect path to walk as you admire these geologic beauties. After you walk only a few feet on the path, a difficult decision awaits you. Do you head towards Devils Bay for a beautiful ocean view, or continue to the Baths and explore its offerings? With a deep breath, you make your way deeper into the boulders, unsure of exactly where they may take you.

Image by Famass.

As you bob and weave around magnificent rock formations, strap on your water shoes to protect yourself from small rocks that might make your passage more treacherous. With each step, the walls slowly narrow and condense. Suddenly, the tight corridors give way to an expansive space with enormous boulders. You’ve entered “the Cathedral.” Finally, the tranquil turquoise waters and brilliant white light offer a much-needed reprieve.

Image by gsbarb.

As you prepare for the final push towards the cache, take a deep breath as some of the most difficult maneuvers are yet to come. As you round the corner away from the Cathedral, the Geocaching® mobile app shows that you are only 50 feet (15 m) away from the coordinates. Yet what a feat lies ahead! You’ll need upper-body strength to hoist yourself above a few small boulders to access the cache.

Image by Tigerrag24.

Carefully avoid the rugged edges of the rocks and make your way through this difficult passage. Thankfully, the bright sunlight finds its way through the crevices and illuminates the otherwise pitch-black GZ. Suddenly, you spot a SPOR (suspicious pile of rocks) that looks just a little bit too man-made to have been crafted by Mother Nature herself.

Image by gentleman.

With the cache in hand, you can confidently say that the journey was worth the effort! All of the twists, turns, and close calls combined to create the adventure of a lifetime. As you ink your name inside the logbook, you examine the names of all the past explorers who braved the unknown—and quite a few sharp rock edges—to earn the coveted smiley.

Image by Brightwater Bandits.

As you place it back into its home, you realize it will be just as difficult to leave. What a conundrum! Not to worry, your trusty sense of navigation aided your journey inside, and it will prove equally powerful upon departure. Once you’ve meandered out from beneath the batholiths, the glorious sunshine illuminates your face as you exit onto the beach. With another cache behind you, there’s nothing left to do but smile and prepare for another adventure!

Image by 2fun4me.

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