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Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Beethoven in Bonn

This edition of Adventure Lab® Spotlight takes a musical turn with the Adventure, Beethoven in Bonn. Located in Bonn, Germany, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s birthplace, this ten-stage Adventure takes explorers on a tour that highlights the composer’s formative years. Geocachers created this Adventure as part of the Project Beethoven Mega Event in Bonn Germany in February 2020. The Event celebrated not only geocaching, but also the 250th birthday of Beethoven.

The Adventure begins at the address Bonngasse 20, the house where Beethoven grew up. Today the house is a museum dedicated to the composer. In addition to completing the first stage of the Adventure there, you can see Beethoven’s actual desk, a viola he played as a member of the Bonn court orchestra, and one of the most famous portraits of the artist.

After visiting his childhood home, the Adventure continues with stops at nine other locations that tell the story of Beethoven’s early life. Highlights include the church where Beethoven learned to play the organ, the inn where he said farewell to his friends before moving to Vienna, and a Location that looks out on the banks of the Rhine river.

Each Location gives you a closer look at the places that shaped the young composer, and perhaps inspired some of his best known works. As you look out at the peaceful Rhine, you might be moved to create your own Ode to Joy!

After completing the Adventure, you’re sure to be inspired by all that you learned about the early life of a great composer.

Have you downloaded the Adventure Lab® app and completed one? Share your most memorable Adventures in the comments and then go find your next Adventure!

Source: Geocaching

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