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Into the mountains we go! — The Gateway To The Matterhorn Summit (GCQC4R) — der Geocache der Woche!

By Derek H
Panorama from the lookout. Photo by geocacher lamin
Geocache Name:
The Gateway To The Matterhorn Summit (GCQC4R)
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
There are no shortage of amazing places in the world—but figuring out which ones to visit can be a daunting task. Luckily for geocachers, we can just look for nearby geocaches, take a look at photos, read logs and check out the favorite points. One look at this geocache’s photos and logs and it instantly went on my bucket list.
What geocachers have to say:

“Found during a vacation in the area. Wonderful views, hopefully I’ll climb to Matterhorn one day.” – pedron4
“What a day, like a post card! Sunshine no cloud and a cache at the feet of the Madonna, TFTC” – zigzagzug
“After I had something to eat and drink at the hut, I scrambled up to search for this cache. It wasn’t hard to find, though there were a couple of muggles who had to be avoided What a great location!” – johannesvanderwerf

The Matterhorn from GZ. Photo by geocacher raumangst
Despite a DNF, this young geocacher is still all smiles. Photo by geocacher Ciklo
Beautiful mountains. Photo by geocacher johannesvanderwerf

What geocache is on your bucket list to find? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.
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